Quantifying Human Motion


Protect your most valuable resource–your employees. DARI Motion can reduce risk of injury, improve overall wellness and lower musculoskeletal spend.

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Optimize movement, avoid injuries and track progress. DARI Motion will help you transform athletes performing at any level.

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DARI’s markerless motion capture and biomechanical algorithms allow you to efficiently deliver motion health to entire populations.

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What People are Saying

“We use DARI to get the best out of our student athletes. The motion capture allows us to really see what’s happening, beyond what we can see with our coaching eye.”

Geoff Puls, University of Notre Dame

Former Assistant Strength & Conditioning Coach/Head of Weight Room Diagnostics

“We really value employee wellness. DARI allows us to address a lot of potential injuries proactively–meaning our employees stay healthier on and off the job.”

Jim Kirkbride, Susan B. Allen Memorial Hospital


“We use DARI as part of our overall injury prevention protocols. We classify each athlete according to their dysfunction and vulnerability scores in order to determine where we need to start them in our intervention protocols.”

Logan Ogden, University of Nebraska Omaha

Former Director of Strength & Conditioning



DARI Motion Provides Motion Capture Tech Without Markers, Force Plates

ACL injuries have long been a plague of Australian Rules Football, likely owing to the cuts, pivots and tackles inherent in the sport. Earlier this decade, however, the Carlton Blues club in Melbourne had designated physiotherapist Sam Rosengarten as its injury prevention coordinator worked with post-doctoral fellow Hossein Mokhtarzadeh on a new program informed by the installation of an innovative markerless motion capture system invented by DARI Motion.

Tri-Force Fitness Now Offers DARI Motion Technology for Health and Mobility Screening

Tri-Force Fitness is taking performance improvement to the next level with the purchase of their DARI Motion (DARI) system. This cutting-edge technology will allow Tri-Force to quickly assess anyone’s biomechanics and identify asymmetries, imbalances, kinetic deficiencies, and compensation patterns. Then, with data in hand, certified professional training staff can help clients improve their fitness and mobility.
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