Todd Gleason

President & Chief Executive Officer

Gordon Glade

Chief Financial Officer

Derek Wassom

Development Leader

Patrick Moodie

DARI Founder

Sales/Business Development

Greg Giefer

Joel Hungate

Michael Prewitt

Michael Kocourek

What People are Saying

“DARI’s is a critical component of the emerging HSS musculoskeletal health ecosystem. DARI’s state-of-the-art solution, coupled with HSS clinical talent and capabilities, will help set new standards in musculoskeletal wellness and solutions”

Lou Shapiro, Hospital for Special Surgery (HSS)

President & CEO

“When we purchased DARI the Ravens had the most non-contact injuries in the NFL. DARI has become a key solution in our injury prevention program. Last year we led the league in the fewest non-contact, soft tissue injuries.”

Sam Rosengarten, Baltimore Ravens

Performance Leader

“We use DARI to improve our employee wellness – which reduces cost and increases productivity. DARI is also our key solution to grow revenue in our new Motion Health community offering.”

Jim Kirkbride, Susan B. Allen Memorial Hospital


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