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Finish Line in Sight for Leadville 100 Runner Thanks

Any athlete knows it’s not about how many times you fall, but your will to get back up. Paul Hoover found that out last August. “You truly can’t move your legs. They feel like glass, and you just can’t go another step,” Hoover said. It was mile 42 of the Leadville 100 to be exact, when the 52-year-old ultra runner saw his bucket-list goal slipping away.
DARI, When Is My Next Injury Coming?

DARI, When Is My Next Injury Coming?

We’ve all wondered, “What if?” What if I’d done 100 more squats last summer – would I have skied fast enough to qualify for nationals? What if I had taken that day off from skiing – would I have crashed another day and still hurt my knee? “What if?” can be a maddening question to ask. DARI, a motion capture system, is working to remove some of the guesswork from athletic performance through a markerless camera-driven platform that provides analysis of athlete biomechanics in mere minutes.